Our company was established in Tegelen in 1987. Since then, Schreurs Winters accountants & bedrijfsadviseurs has developed into a fully fledged company, for, alongside our traditional accountancy services, we have increasingly provided consultancy services to small and medium sized enterprises. Consultants in all facets of operational management: financial, fiscal, commercial, ITC, salary administration, HRM, etc. The prominence of the word ‘Advisors’ in our name, also reflects our position as a partner to the commercial sector. We feel in our element in our new role as Schreurs Winters accountants & bedrijfsadviseurs, wise in finance.

From our Tegelen office, Kaldenkerkerweg 33, we operate as a well-oiled team, supported by modern premises and the latest software. We consider this to be very important. We have a knowledgeable, tightly-knit team of professionals, whose aim is to get the best out of themselves, in your interests. This is a characteristic of our company, an approach that is the road to success. This tactic has certainly proven itself in the past few years. What really matters is being the best team, not having the best individual players. If professionals decide to aim high, the sky is the limit. In that respect, there are many parallels between the commercial sector and the world of sport. And, to carry the comparison further, with Schreurs Winters accountants & bedrijfsadviseurs, you are playing in the premier league.


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