A full service and independent accountants company, Schreurs Accountants & Adviseurs was founded in 1987. Our customer base is active in various sectors and branches of small and medium enterprises, the agricultural sector and the professions.
Personal commitment is the foundation of our company. A good personal relationship is a primary condition to optimally meeting our customers’ requirements and expectations. We attach great value to this and are happy to fulfil the role of advisor and partner for our customers.

Schreurs Accountants & Adviseurs is affiliated to the Nederlandse Orde van Accountants-Administratieconsulenten (NOvAA) and the Federatie Belastingadviseurs (FB) (Federation of Tax Consultants). We provide our services in accordance with the code of conduct of the authoritative trade organisation and possess sound and up-to-date knowledge of the legislation in our domain. In our role as advisors, we intentionally place the highest possible demands on ourselves as an advisor and partner.

Schreurs Accountants & Adviseurs, wise in finance

J.P.M. (Hans) Schreurs AA

Accounting administration-consultant

L.J.J. (Bert) Winters RA

Chartered accountant

R.J.M. (Ruud) Schreurs MSc RA

Chartered accountant

J.C.A. (Hans) Schreurs RB

Register Tax Advisor

M.M.J. (Mark) Lamers RB

Masters in Tax Advisor

L.G.C. (Luc) Ariaans

Junior tax adviser

J.M.C. (Jacqueline) Bisschop

Office manager

M.A.P.L. (Marianne) Kurstjens

Secretary and Payroll Administrator

L.H.J. (Leon) Verhaeg

Payroll administrator

P.E.E. (Peter) van der Veken

Accounting administration-consultant

H.P.J. (Hanneke) van Katwijk

Assistant accountant

M.W.A. (Meindert) Leijsten

Assistant accountant

Y. (Yvonne) Reijnders

Payroll Professional

S.M.M. (Siem) Benders


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