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(1) Or for a broken financial year: the period of July 1st 201X- June 1st to 30th 201X
(2) Fill in the applicable accounting policies for financial reporting
(3) Optional

To: Client

The annual accounts of Example B.V. in Tegelen was prepared by me on the basis of information provided by you. The annual accounts consist of the balance sheet at December 31st 201x (or in case of a broken financial year: June 30th 201X). and the profit-and-loss account for 201X (1) with the accompanying notes. The notes include an overview of the accounting policies used for financial reporting.

We conducted this compilation engagement in accordance with Dutch law, including Standard 4410, ‘Compilation Engagements’. This standard requires that we assist you in the preparation and presentation of the annual accounts in accordance with Part 9 Book 2 of the Dutch Civil Code (BW) (2). In doing so, we have applied our expertise in accounting and financial reporting.

In the case of a compilation engagement, you are responsible for ensuring that the information is correct and that you provide us with all the relevant information. We conducted our work in accordance with the applicable regulations on the assumption that you have fulfilled this responsibility. Finally, we have globally read the annual accounts to assess whether it provides a true and fair view in comparison to our knowledge of Example B.V. We have not performed any audit or review procedures that would enable us to express an opinion or draw any conclusion concerning the fairness of the annual accounts. (3)

In performing this assignment, we have adhered to the relevant ethical requirements set out in the Verordening Gedrags- en Beroepsregels Accountants (VGBA). You and other users of these annual accounts may therefore assume that we have carried out the assignment professionally, competently and carefully with integrity and objectivity, and that we will treat the information provided by you as confidential.

For a further explanation of the nature of the scope of a compilation engagement and the VGBA, please see for more information.

Tegelen, xx-xx-xxxx

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