Schreurs Accountants & Adviseurs is a company engaged in multidisciplinary financial services. Our company can act as the right hand of entrepreneurs with medium and small enterprises. In consultation with you, our service provision is customised to your requirements.

Training and experience have made us as a service provider familiar with SME. We speak your language and are accustomed to looking after our clients’ interests through personal contact.

We are affiliated to NOVAA (Nederlandse Orde van Accountants Administratieconsulenten) and the FB (Federatie Belastingadviseurs) This means you can rely on a high level of quality, expertise and a correct application of the rules of professional conduct.

Financial administration is more than a statutory obligation.  Reliable, clear and up-to-date records provide entrepreneurs with important information.  How are the financial results developing, which activities are underperforming, what is the liquidity and solvency status, is it wise to invest? 
In our consultancy work, we do not differentiate between private and business matters, as they are intrinsically intertwined. Intensive contact with you will keep us informed about personal and business developments.

Financial administration, signalling irregularities and tailor-made advice: the successful concept of Schreurs Accountants & Adviseurs.

Our wealth of experience, high level of training and the fact that we closely track developments in our field guarantee quality advice.

This quality is safeguarded by membership of NOVAA and FB, where continually updating our skills is a must.

Quality also implies that you know where your limitations lie. For this reason, Schreurs Accountants & Adviseurs calls in the services of specialists in various fields, including notaries, lawyers, actuaries, insurance experts, where necessary.

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