It is also possible to have a voluntary audit carried out, in addition to the statutory audit.

The audit of annual accounts can be of great added value to your company, even if you are not legally obliged to do so. We then speak of a voluntary audit. Companies choose such an audit for various reasons. Management wants to show that the company is in control or the audit is a requirement of the Supervisory Board of external shareholders. Furthermore, the audit opinion of an independent accountant can offer added value when applying for financing and grant schemes, and when selling your company. A voluntary audit assures the truthfulness of the annual accounts. This strengthens your accountability towards society. Banks and other interested parties attach great value to financial statements accompanied by an audit opinion.

Even if your company develops into a statutory audit assignment, we can continue to be of service to you. Since carrying out a statutory audit requires an AFM licence, we have entered into a partnership with an external partner (in possession of an AFM licence). We have done so to offer you a full-service package, both for companies that are subject to a statutory audit and for other companies that are not subject to a statutory audit. Together with our external partner, we ensure a thorough audit.

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