There comes a time when you start to think about transferring your business. Your company can be sold to an external party, but a management buy-out (takeover by the current management) or a management buy-in (takeover by a new management) are also possibilities.

A business transfer is a very complex process. Many aspects play an important role. Think of determination of business value and setting the purchase price as well as financing the transfer and contractual matters with partners. In addition, there are also other factors you need to take into consideration and that requests your due diligence. Think of conflict of interest between the purchasing management and the seller, communication with your employees, your possible role in the future and the emotional aspects of the business transfer. Especially the latter should not be underestimated.

Thanks to our extensive knowledge, we can be of service by providing guidance through the business transfer process. We serve as a fully-fledged discussion partner during negotiations.

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