Grants is a synonym for (financial) support, help or assistance. By grants we also mean the investment premium and tax concessions in the form of lower taxation, additional tax deductions or tax deferrals.

Subsidised expenses can relate to the environment, sustainable business, innovation, labour-friendly production, economic progress, healthcare, art and culture and more. Certain concessions are related to the phase of your business, such as the start of an enterprise, the (re)investment or the business transfer. The possibilities are mentioned on websites like:, Chamber of Commerce, province, city or municipality. Sometimes several support schemes can apply to one investment or activity. It is also possible that one grant excludes the other.

Subsidies are granted under certain conditions. The requirements are described in the grant application and grant decision. These may also contain additional conditions for providing the grant. Often, a condition is set that an auditor must be commissioned to form an opinion. In this way, the government guarantees that the money is used for the intended purpose. To be able and allowed to verify this, we have the necessary knowledge, experience and permits. We can advise you on your application, support you with your application or submit the subsidy on your behalf.

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