If you are a director/major shareholder (in Dutch: DGA), you may choose yourself who will be administrator of your pension entitlement. We guide you in your choice of the most appropriate retirement provision and the suitable way to insure it. This can be done through a professional insurer but also in-house, both in the Netherlands as well as abroad. Annuity obligations are also often placed in the own company. It is important to remain within the fiscal boundaries that are in play in this situation. In the case of self-administered pension, we will take care of it for you:

  • The implementation;
  • A proper written record of the claims;
  • The necessary calculations for the annual accounts and the corporate tax return.

If the executor is not the same company as the employer or when obligations are transferred, tax complications may arise. We are able to guide you through you through this fiscal ambiguity without any problems.

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