You can apply for – and receive – special declaration for activities that are the result of central government, provincial and/or municipal policy. Some examples of those activities are:

  • Environment-friendly practices
  • Investments in sustainability
  • Innovations
  • Project-related donations (e.g., VSBfonds, Oranjefonds, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds)
  • Healthcare
  • Labour-friendly production

Special declarations are often subject to certain conditions, guaranteeing that the funds are used lawfully and for the right purpose. Conditions can also be set on the way of accounting and control by the auditor. The latter is often recorded in an audit protocol, including prescribed wording for the audit statement to be issued. To this end, you must commission a certified auditor. This often requires a specific expertise.

In addition, various companies are obliged to issue a special report or Report of Factual Findings. This is often required by moneylenders or the regulators of these activities. Examples are:

  • Production accountability (jeugdwet, Wet Maatschappelijke Ondersteuning (WMO) en Wet Langdurige Zorg (WLZ))
  • Audit of the Wet Normering Topinkomens (WNT), which supervises the excessive remuneration of top officials in the (semi-)public sectors
  • Quality controls for trustees, administrators and mentors (CBM)

Schreurs Winters accountants & business advisors has this in-house expertise and can assist you.


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Care and welfare

You want to provide your clients and patients with perfect care. But you also strive for continuity and a healthy return for your healthcare company, in a playing field that is constantly changing. After all, legislation and regulations and the financing of healthcare are constantly changing. Schreurs Winters accountants & business advisors assist you as a healthcare entrepreneur in all these issues.

Our client base in Healthcare & Welfare includes partnerships and members of Medical Specialist Companies, dental and physiotherapist practices, general practitioners, pharmacists and small to medium-sized healthcare institutions active in the JW, WMO and WLZ care. We assist these entrepreneurs in very practical solutions but also in strategic challenges, such as growth scenarios, optimization of business processes, etc.

We also have extensive experience in the field of taxation, we ensure optimal cost control, we organize the financial administration effectively and we often join as a discussion partner on business issues. Choosing Schreurs Winters accountants & business consultants means choosing a sparring partner who is involved in your company and your industry.