You want a properly organised online payroll system. A simple yet correct paycheck alone is not enough. More processes and data need to be recorded in your personnel and salary administration. The time of paper folders and full binders is turning over a new leaf. With Staff & Salary Online, our payroll system, you have a user-friendly and complete system that is easy to work with.

Everything you need to easily manage your online payroll

The service package has all the functions you need. From viewing paychecks to a complete personnel information system. The service package is very user-friendly. If you enter important data such as a bank account number or a BSN number, the system immediately checks whether the entered data is correct. Our system is efficient, time saving and up-to-date. You have overview and control, whilst deciding with us which tasks you should perform yourself and which tasks are safe in our hands.

Benefit from the advantages of our easy-to-use payroll system

The use of Staff & Salary Online – our payroll system – offers many advantages. We listed them for you:

  • With Staff & Salary Online you can use our digital personnel file. All salary documents can be found in this file. You can also add (scanned) personnel documents from employees yourself so that the entire administration is stored digitally.
  • Flexible, online collaboration with your auditor is within reach thanks to easy-to-use navigation.
  • Various overviews are created as standard in the package. The overviews consist of management information (company dashboard) and alert lists (e.g. end date of employment contracts, birthdays and anniversaries). You can also receive various notifications by email as a reminder. This information can be easily exported to Excel or PDF.
  • Employees can easily view their paychecks online. They can log in to securely access an area made available to them. If you use the digital archive, you can also choose to make certain documents such as employment contracts, visible to the relevant employee.
  • You can see the status of open mutations at a glance. This saves you having to phone your auditor for every question. You can enter changes yourself when it suits you. This prevents errors and saves work.
  • With the pre-filled contract data, new employees can be entered easily.
  • You have online insight into the declarations of your employees.
  • With this service package, you have 24/7 online access to all payroll data.

Subscribe to Staff & Salary Online

Staff & Salary Online can be tailored entirely to your needs. You can choose from three different subscriptions.

  1. Expert:
    You take care of the payroll administration yourself with Staff & Salary Online.
  • Online processing of salaries yourself
  • No investment in software
  • Software always complies with legislation and regulations. You do not have to make any changes yourself
  • Online access to paychecks
  • Your employee can view paychecks and annual statements online
  • Online personnel information system

You can also opt for:

  • Support by Schreurs Winters accountants & bedrijfsadviseurs
  • MSS/ESS 
  1. Basis+:
    You enter changes online and our auditors take care of the salary processing.
  • Online salary administration
  • Self-entry of (monthly) changes and in- and outgoing notifications
  • Our auditors process and check the salary data
  • Out auditors take care of the payroll tax return
  • Online access to paychecks, annual statements, journal entries and SEPA payment files
  • Employees have online access to paychecks and annual statements
  • Online personnel information system

You can also opt for:

  1. Basis:
    You can also outsource the payroll administration completely to our auditors.
  • We enter the data and changes (monthly) and take care of in- and outplacement notifications
  • We process and check salary data
  • We take care of the income tax returns
  • You always have online access to paychecks, annual statements, journal entries and SEPA payment files

You can also opt for:

  • Online personnel information system

Which subscription suits you best?

Have you already chosen a subscription for the optimal use of your payroll system? We will be happy to advise you on this. Please contact us by phoning 077 32 69 400.

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